Many consumer entertainment devices are not designed to work wirelessly in an enterprise environment (they do not support WPA2-Enterprise/802.1X authentication), but should work on our wired (Ethernet) network. If your device doesn’t have a network port, like a Roku 1, it will not work on our network.

Each dorm room on campus has one active Ethernet port per student inhabiting the space; this should be the bottom port or one on the right-hand side depending on how the wall-plate is oriented. Some single rooms have more than one wall-plate in the room, but only one might be active. Sometimes these are “hiding” behind pieces of furniture in the room. In almost all cases, a 12-25ft network cable should be a sufficient length. Network cables can be purchased from most major retailers, including locations in and around campus along the Bucknell shuttle route, or online.  

If your device was previously configured for a home wired network, you might need to go through the configuration steps again here on campus. In some cases, this requires setting the Ethernet settings to their “factory defaults” or simply setting everything to “automatic.” You should use DHCP and let the DNS servers be acquired automatically, as well; no static addresses. We do not block any ports for these devices.

Your device should pass through automatically, but occasionally we need to give these a pass through SafeConnect. If this is the case, simply email with the MAC address of your device. It is a 12-digit combination of letters and numbers.

Note: Sometimes the MAC address will be printed on the box of your device. It might be called Ethernet, Hardware, or Wired MAC.

If the MAC is not on the box, you’ll need to go into the network settings of your device.

New Apple TVs don’t allow you to access the settings until you can access a network. This is a problem that you’ll need to work around . . . it is not something that we can do for you. You can either take your Apple TV to another (off campus) location and connect to a different network, and get the MAC address from your settings, or you can turn your phone into a hotspot, connect to it, and get the MAC address that way. 

Below are some links to the manufacturer support pages for various devices that we see on our network:


XboxOne: See this article for more specific information


PS4: See this article for more specific information



For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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