Want to take advantage of the latest and greatest free OS from Microsoft or Apple?  There are some things to consider before you take the plunge!

A) Back up your data before attempting an OS upgrade

We’re not kidding.  If these installs go bad, your computer will not boot, and often the only way to fix it is to erase the drive and reinstall the OS from scratch.

B) Think about the age of your computer

If it’s 3-4 years old with less than 8 GB of RAM, and your computer is working for you as is, don’t upgrade unless you really need the new features.  New OS’s can lower performance of older computers.

If your computer is running slow already, a new OS will not help, and may make things worse.  Something else is probably wrong.  See rule A) and bring it to the Tech Desk so we can take a look.

C)  Make sure you have adequate free space on your drive

New OS’s are large!  If you have less than 20 GB available on  your drive, free up some space before attempting an upgrade.

D) Don’t upgrade just because

Upgrade if you want to use the new features! Do some research and figure out if it’s going to be worth it for you to do the upgrade.

Note: This article is designed for student computers or facstaff personal computers only. Bucknell faculty and staff should not upgrade their Bucknell-owned work computers. 

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu.

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