As a service for students, the Technology Desk has a few items for sale. The prices will vary a bit, depending on the cost when we purchase them, but you can use these numbers as a good estimate.

  • 1 TB external hard Western Digital USB 3.0 Passport Ultra: $65
  • Apple 85W MagSafe power adapter (for older MacBook Pros with DVD drive): $79
  • Apple 85W MagSafe2 power adapter (for MacBook Airs and retina display MacBook Pros): $79
  • Lenovo round tip power adapter: $70
  • Lenovo slot or rectangular tip power adapter: $70
  • Various laptop hard drives, including standard 500GB and 1TB models and 256GB and 512GB solid state models

For additional information or to purchase an item, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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