Did you get a new smartphone or cell phone?

If you are already a Duo Security user and you get a new mobile device (cell phone, smart phone, or tablet), please locate the appropriate instructions below:

  • If you get a new cell or smart phone, have Duo Security setup to call or text you, and keep the same phone number, Duo Security will just work with your new device.
  • If you get a new cell or smart phone and Duo Security setup with the app, login to Duo Security and select Reactivate Duo Mobile under Device Options.
    • Follow the prompts to reactivate Duo on your new phone.
  • Setup Duo Restore before you deactivate your iOS phone:
    • On your old iOS device, backup to iCloud.
    • On your new iOS device, restore from iCloud.
    • Open the Duo Mobile App, select GET WORKING.
    • Login and authenticate
  • Setup Duo Restore before you deactivate your Android phone.
    • On your old Android device, open the Duo Mobile app, select Settings, and then select Duo Restore.
    • Turn on Duo Restore and follow the prompts to backup your Duo configuration.
    • On your new Android device, open the Duo Mobile app and select GET ACCOUNT BACK.
    • Select GET WORKING next to the appropriate account.
    • Login and authenticate.

Always make sure that you erase (wipe or hard reset) your old phone or tablet before you recycle or discard it.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or techdesk@bucknell.edu.

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