To type using a different keyboard other than QWERTY English, follow the following instructions:

  1. Locate the “Region and Language” setting in Control Panel (see screenshot below).
  2. After clicking on it, you will see a window with multiple tabs.
  3. Click on the “Keyboards and Languages” tab, and then click on “Change Keyboards” (pictured below on the left window).
  4. On the next screen, select “Add”.
  5. From here, you will be directed to a list of Keyboards. Locate the one you wish to install by using the “+” button and then the check box, and then click OK. Click OK on the next screens as well.
  6. You have now installed another keyboard.

You may switch between keyboards by pressing the Alt and Shift keys together. If you need help with typing on the new keyboard, consider using an in-built function in Windows – on-screen keyboard. Simply click the Windows button on your screen, click Run (or alternatively, press the Windows key + R at the same time). In the Run dialog box, type osk. You will now see a program pop up on your window. It shows you all the keys on your keyboards and what they will correspond to when pressed.

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