To scan from a Follow-Me Printer, you must first locate one that is capable of doing so. Upon scanning your BUID, if you see this screen, you have located such a printer.


Below is pictured an image from a Follow-Me Printer located in the 2nd floor of Dana that can be used to scan:


Place the document in the tray facing up, as pictured below. If you have multiple pages, place them in the order you want them to be scanned in. If your document is one-sided, make sure that the document is facing you. If it is facing down, it will not be scanned.


Alternatively, you can also lift the top portion of the printer and place your document face down as pictured below. Align your document with the markings provided if you have a standard paper size (Like A4, A3, etc.) This option is useful if you have a large document to scan or are scanning from a book, notebook, etc.


Push down the top portion again and now press “Scan and Send” on the screen. If you used the first option, just press Scan and Send.

(Make sure you have scanned your BUID! You might have been logged out automatically if you logged in a while ago)

On the next screen, select the recipients. People in your address book (from Bmail) will already be in the list, but it might be easier for you to scan the document, send it to yourself and then email it to everyone else from a computer later on if you are sending it to multiple people or need to make changes to the documents before sending them.

Here, you can also change the settings (on the right side of the screen) to change the appearance of your scanned document.


If you have a different sized document than the standard, make sure you select the right one from the menu!


Press the big green “Start” button below the numpad to the right of the screen to start scanning.


When it has been scanned, click “Start Sending” to send the scanned file as an attached email. It will send automatically¬†and the papers will move if you used the first option (i.e. placing it in the tray).


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For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or