You might run into a problem while using a Microsoft Office Product like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. The problem might actually be more common than you think, and it may already have been reported and solved by someone else. For help from Microsoft, click the “?” button on the top right as pictured below (a screenshot from Word 2013). Or you can press the F1 key. If you are on a Mac, locate the Help menu.


In the window that appears, find the topic that you are interested in or are having trouble with. You can also type a question or a term into the “Search Online Help” bar if you wish to search for help using Microsoft’s dedicated online help. Or, you can ask questions and view existing questions in Microsoft’s own help forum. Click here to go to the page.

If you are looking for tutorials or training regarding Microsoft Office, check out is an ever-growing library of video tutorials for software on your computer. You can use it to learn a new skill, or improve your existing skills!

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