Thinking of switching from a desktop to a laptop? Wondering if a laptop is right for you?

There are many differences between laptop and desktop computers.

A desktop computer:

  • Is not portable
  • Has a large external monitor and larger keyboard
  • Is less likely to be dropped, broken, or damaged
  • Must be connected to a power source all the time
  • Is less expensive

A laptop computer:

  • Is portable
  • Has a smaller screen and keyboard
  • Is easier to drop, break, or damage
  • Can be a target for theft
  • Has a battery and is usable when not connected to power
  • Is more expensive

If you switch to a laptop, please keep these issues in mind:

  • Move your laptop!  Laptops like to travel and visit new places.  While desktops are completely unwilling (and unable) to go anywhere, laptops are happiest if they get out and see more than just your office walls.
  • A battery is like a muscle!  Just as a couch potato has weak muscles, if you don’t exercise your laptop battery by using it, the battery will become weak and useless.  Never leave your laptop plugged into the power supply all the time – when you want to use the battery, it won’t hold a charge.
  • All laptops appreciate a comfy bag!  Choose a laptop bag that offers padding and security.  The laptop should not shift inside the bag or be able to get bumped or dropped. Decorate the bag with ribbons or buttons to make it look different from all the other bags.
  • All laptops get separation anxiety!  Laptops are just like a new puppy – they like to be near you and get really worried if they aren’t within eyesight at all times.  If you are traveling, watch your laptop and never leave it alone.
  • Sometimes laptops go missing!  If you can’t find your laptop – it is lost or stolen – contact the Tech Desk and Public Safety immediately.  Don’t wait and assume it will show up later.  Laptops don’t have eyes, so they have a very hard time finding you in an airport or taxi.
  • Good laptops can go bad… when they use sketchy wireless and software!  Don’t connect your laptop to “free” wireless.  Always use the VPN to secure your traffic to Bucknell. Don’t install free software from the Internet.
  • Laptops can get amnesia!  If you are traveling across the country or just across town, make sure you are backing up your data to Google Drive (in Bmail) or using Mozy Pro.  A good backup will save your data if your laptop ever suffers from memory loss…

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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