Sometimes the damage done to a laptop exceeds our parameters for repair. In that case, the student has the responsibility to send it off to Apple for repair, but we’d be happy to facilitate that process at the Tech Desk.

There are a couple of ways that a student can contact Apple support and get things going. Before you do anything, you’ll need the serial number of your Mac, which is found on the back case of your laptop, or you can click on the black Apple in the top left of your laptop and select About this computer

  • A phone call: 800.800.2775
  • If you are calling Apple make sure to have your serial number on hand, as well as a shipping address for Apple to send a box to. Be aware that you may have to hold for assistance and be ready to explain the issues you are experiencing with your machine. Alternately, you can use the link below to schedule a call with Apple.
  • An email. Use this link:

If your laptop is under warranty, Apple makes it really easy for you. They’ll mail you a special shipping carton purpose-built for your Mac, which you’ll pick up in the LC at the post office. You’ll put your laptop in the box (there are helpful diagrams to show you how to do it) – they even include pre-measured pieces of tape to seal it! There is a shipping label attached to the box already – once you’ve put in your laptop, sealed the box, and peeled off the label, just hand it back to the nice people in the post office. It’ll go out the next day.

Turnaround time can be amazingly quick. We’ve had people call Apple on Monday, get a box on Tuesday, ship it off on Wednesday and get it back on Friday.

But in the meantime, we’ll give you a loaner at the Tech Desk so you’ll be in business until your laptop is returned.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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