Does it matter if you own a PC or a Mac? We get this question all the time, especially from students planning to major in Engineering or Management.

The short answer is that you should buy what you feel most comfortable using. There are no specific requirements in any major at Bucknell to buy a certain type of laptop, and there are faculty members and students in all majors using both Macs and PCs. In both Engineering and Management, there are labs available to use specialized software (in many cases, students are not licensed to install certain software on their laptops, so the lab is the only location where the software is accessible).lving_room

That said, students should be aware that there are times, particularly in some Account and Financial Management classes, when having a Mac means that you’ll have to go to a lab, rather than work on your own laptop. Professors in ACFM recommend students purchase a PC laptop for this specific reason. Conversely, there are times when having a Mac might be advantageous in your particular major. Because of the tremendous number of variables, you’ll need to decide on your own how important any of these factors might be.


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