Student, Faculty, and Staff Personally Owned Computers

If you want to install software on your personally owned computer, logon to:

Software Downloads for Personally Owned Computers

You will only be able to see software you are eligible to install. Some examples of software available to install (subject to licensing restrictions) include JMP, Mathematica, ChemBioDraw, and the VPN.

Faculty and Staff University Owned Computers

Currently licensed Macintosh software and printers are available from Self Service.  On your Mac, open Applications, open Self Service, and logon with your Bucknell credentials to see the software and printers you are eligible to install.

Currently licensed Windows software on computers imaged or setup after March 2016  is available in Software Center.  On your Windows computer, find Software Center under Microsoft System Center from the Start Menu as pictured below:

If you are using one of the few computers still running Windows 7, you may find Software Center as pictured below:


Classrooms and Labs

All classroom and lab software installs are performed by Library & IT.  Submit your software install request through the Lab Software Install Request.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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