SafeConnect is a Network Access Control device – which means that it is a piece of computer equipment that helps us control who can access the Bucknell network. We have a few requirements that need to be met before a computer can connect to the Bucknell network, including:

  • PCs must be up-to-date with Windows Updates, and Windows Updates must be set to install automatically;
  • PCs must also have anti-virus that is installed, up-to-date, and running;
  • Macs and PCs need to authenticate to the network to with a username and password so that we can attach a computer with a person.

When a student first tries to connect to our network, a policy key download page appears when a web browser is opened. The student will need to download and install a policy key, which is a very lightweight application that monitors the computer to ensure that it’s compliant.

This takes only a few seconds, at which point most students can access the network with their computers. Occasionally, there are issues, such as an out of date anti-virus program, and SafeConnect will pop up with a warning screen.