There are two ways of doing this, the newer, easier way and the old fashioned way.

A)  The easier way

Install and run the BU Network Drives program.  This program will install an icon on your desktop called ‘BU Network Drives.’ Double-click the icon to start the process of connecting.  You will be prompted for your Bucknell username and your Bucknell password.  Once authenticated, your network drives will appear in My Computer.

To disconnect them, just open the BU Network Drives program. You will see a link to Disconnect your drives.

B) The old fashioned way

‘Map Network Drive’ creates a path from your computer to a server on a network. It will assign a lettered drive to the server so that you can simply access the server by going to My Computer (instead of having to use the Run dialog box). Once it is set up, it is a much faster way to access a remote server. To map a network drive:

1.) Right-click on My Computer.

2.) Select Map Network Drive from the contextual menu.

3.) On the resulting dialog box, use the menu to select what letter you’d like to assign to the new drive.

4.) In the Address box, type in the address of the server you would like to access, as well as the folder. (For  instance, you might enter something like:  \\netspace\people .)

5.) Click Finish.

6.) Your computer will search for and connect you to the server.

7.) At this point, the Enter Network Password dialog box will probably appear.

8.) In the Connect as: field, type BUCKNELL\username

9.) In the Password: box, type in your Bucknell password.

10.) Click OK.

11.) You will now have access to this server, and you can access it as a drive. The icon will be found in My Computer.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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