There are currently four (4) actions available as a pilot:

  1. Ask about Dining Services menus:
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell what’s on the menu today?”
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell what’s for dinner?”
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell what will be served at the Bertrand Library Cafe tomorrow?”
  2. Ask about upcoming athletic events:
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell what athletic events are scheduled for tonight?”
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell when is the next women’s Track & Field event?”
  3. Ask about Bucknell facts:
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell to give me a fact.”
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell for a fact.”
  4. Provide L&IT feedback and suggestions about where to go next with these capabilities:  
    “Alexa, ask myBucknell if I can make a suggestion.”

To hear the list of Bucknell-specific actions from any Alexa device, enable the “My Bucknell” skill and start by saying “Alexa, ask myBucknell for help.” or “Alexa, ask myBucknell what are the available topics?” and you’re in business!

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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