This article assumes you’ve already read the article about how to create a Turnitin assignment in Moodle where all of the students would submit their papers to Turnitin to be reviewed. In some cases, a faculty member might want to just check a single paper in Turnitin rather than have all of the students submit their papers. You start by creating your assignment.

Once the assignment has been created, you hide this assignment as follows:

Make sure the Editing mode is on.
On the main Moodle course page, click on “Edit” for the assignment and then “Hide.”

Here’s how you submit a paper to that hidden assignment:

  1. Click on the link for the assignment.
  2. Click on the Submit Paper tab.
  3. Under “Students Name,” select the name of a student under whose name you want to submit the paper.  By default, we do *not* notify the students of this submission, so the student won’t know that you submitted a paper under his/her name.
  4. Enter some value (like the student’s last name) in the “Submission Title” field.
  5. In the “File to Submit” area, drag the document from a Windows Explorer (or Finder) window into the hashed rectangle (for file submissions).
  6. Click on the Add Submission button.

The file needs to be in some kind of text format.  Usually, faculty members submit a Word document or a PDF file with a text layer.  Here is a full list of the file types that Turnitin accepts: