NOTE: These instructions apply to your Banner password, not your Bucknell password.

To change your Banner password, you must login to myBucknell and use the Banner Password widget in the Accounts section in Profile and Accounts located in the top left hand corner beside your picture.

Even if you do not remember your current Banner password, you can still change it on this page under “Banner Password”, then click on “Change Password”. You will be able to change your password by answering a couple questions.

Please change your password as soon as you are notified that it is expiring.

FAQ regarding your BANNER PASSWORD


It will expire 180 days from the last time you changed your password.


When you login to Banner you may see a message like:

Your password will expire in 10 days.

At this point (or at any time) you may use the link on the main menu, the password change form to modify your password.


When you login to Banner you will begin to receive a message like:

*ERROR* The following error occurred: ORA-28001: the password has expired

and when you click on the ‘OK’ button the following form requiring you to change the password will appear:

Changing password for YOURLOGIN
Old password: ________________
New password: ________________
Retype new password: ________________

NOTE: This is an Oracle form and we are unable to edit it or change how it functions.

If for any reason the password you enter is not accepted, it will simply re-display this form with no error message of what was wrong. If your new password is accepted it will give you no indication other than to connect you to the start up Banner screen.


For security reasons there are restrictions on what you may use for your new password.

PASSWORDS ARE NOW CASE-SENSITIVE: Previously, your banner password was not case-sensitive. After Monday, February 21, 2011 ? passwords are saved exactly how you type them with Upper and Lower case letters.

***SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS*** To change your password the first time after the above date, please make sure to type your password in exactly as you created it when filling in your current password.

Most dictionary words, proper names, login names*, and certain character strings like ‘abc’ or ‘123’ will be programmatically rejected. You may use words with numerics interspersed as long as contiguous characters do not constitute a valid word.

  • Begin the password with an alphabetic character and to make the password at least 6 characters long.
  • The password must contain at least one alphabetic character and at least one numeric.
  • Use only letters and numbers since we prevent the use of most special characters in a password.
  • The new password must differ from the current password by at least three characters.

NOTE: Because all existing login names are considered invalid as passwords, some passwords you choose may seem to meet all the above rules but still be rejected. You may have accidentally selected a string that is someone else’s login name; so, even though it seems valid, please try a different password.

For additional information or assistance, please contact the Tech Desk at 570.577.7777 or

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