Not getting a push or call on your phone or tablet

  • Have you blocked the phone number? Check blocked numbers.
  • Is your phone in Do Not Disturb mode?
  • Have you gotten a new phone and have you reactivated Duo on your new phone? See this article.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Have you checked the notifications on your phone to make sure that you’ve allowed notifications from Duo.

Have gotten a new phone but don’t have access to their old phone (for example, a student studying abroad who has put a new SIM card in their phone)

Cell plan doesn’t allow phone calls or wireless is unavailable

  • Students and staff can come to the Tech Desk to get a code generator or Yubikey.
  • Students and staff can use their Duo mobile app to generate a 6 character passcode, even if they don’t have a network connection.